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Issue: Volume 27 - Number 1
Publishing Date: março 2022
Editor-in-Chief: Marcelo Lobo Heldwein
Editor Affiliation: Federal University of Santa Catarina
Arthur Hermano Rezende Rosa, Waner Wodson Aparecido Gonçalves Silva, Wei He, Fernando Andrade da Silva, Lenin Martins Ferreira Morais, Seleme Isaac Seleme Júnior
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Keywords: Boost, Buck, Buck-boost, D-Transform, HIL Simulation, IDAPBC, Nonlinear Control, Relations, SFL

The aim of this study is to present a very simple, intuitive and feasible tool: the D-transform between converters. This new method proposes to find a control equation of any pre-defined control law from one converter to another power converter. The central goal is to take maximum advantage of the robustness offered by the originator nonlinear control law. Although there is the possibility of more than one conversion, some candidates show good performance in terms of transient overshoot, settling time and steady-state regulation. The stability proof is disposed individually for each generated equation. The performance of D-Controllers is verified through Hardware In the Loop (HIL) simulations. A small overshoot under input and load perturbations is achieved for the buck-boost example. Finally, a experimental validation using a buck converter is given to illustrate the application method and the nonlinear control design.


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