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Editorial policy
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Editorial policy

Editorial Board of the Brazilian Power Electronics Journal

– Cassiano Rech – UFSM
– Denizar Cruz Martins – UFSC
– José Antenor Pomilio – UNICAMP
– Marcello Mezaroba – UDESC
– Marcelo Cabral Cavalcanti – UFPE

Editors of the Brazilian Power Electronics Journal

Editor in Chief
– Marcello Mezaroba – UDESC

Associate Editors
– Demercil de Souza Oliveira Júnior – UFC
– Marcelo Lobo Heldwein – UFSC
– Seleme Isaac Seleme Júnior – UFMG

Policies to consider when publishing

1. Copyright: Upon acceptance of a manuscript, authors will be asked to complete a contract for publication in the journal. The Brazilian Power Electronics Journal is an open access journal and authors sign an exclusive license agreement, in which the authors have copyright, but grant exclusive rights of their manuscript to the editor. In this case, authors have the right to: share their work in the same manner as allowed to third parties under the license of a relevant user, as long as it contains a CrossMark and a DOI link to the version of the record in ScienceDirect; retaining patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights; attribution and credit for the published paper.
2. Manuscript withdrawal: Only used for manuscripts accepted for publication but not formally published as well as without complete volume and number information. Sometimes, documents may represent violations of professional ethics codes, such as multiple submission, plagiarism, or dishonest use of data. In these cases, the documents can be withdrawn from ScienceDirect. Withdrawn means that the content of the paper is removed and replaced with a PDF informing that the paper has been withdrawn in accordance with the policy of the Brazilian Power Electronics Journal.
3. Open access license: The Brazilian Power Electronics Journal is an open access journal so that it is possible to: read, print, translate and download the document. It is not allowed to: redistribute, republish or reuse parts of the documents in other works. It is prohibited to sell or reuse for commercial purposes.

Ethics topics to consider when publishing

1. Plagiarism: Authors should ensure that they have written original works, and, if the authors used works of other authors, this must be properly cited.
2. Redundant publication: An author should not publish manuscripts describing the same research in more than one journal publication. Publications in the form of a summary or as an academic thesis are not considered as prior publication.
3. Confirmation: appropriate recognition of sources.
4. Conflicts of interest: Submissions should include relationships that may be considered as having a potential conflict of interest.
5. Errors in published papers: When there is an error in a published paper, it is obligation of the authors to notify the Editor-in-Chief and cooperate to correct the paper.

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